miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

The Olympics come to Hernan Cortes.

 With the arrival of the Olympics children are very happy. with the first day the arrival of the torch at the door sports rooms, but before the torch arrives a parade of all classes when the torcharrived paraded the torchbearers are pleased a dance exhibition with a rhythmic gymnastics and end the presentation of the torch. the second day of Olympics children went to the track where racingsports bariums doing long jump javelin shot put even! the last day all very sad that the Olympics already ban but said goodbye to the Olympics in a very fun and special with disabled children in the foundation APAE, playing with children to mocha and driving wheelchairs, after doing archery with two goals and twoanimals corchopan finally played soccer on a 3x3 track, so at first I forgot to say goodbye to batminton play.

 Greetings andrea.   

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